Watermelon Basil Green Tea Recipe

Watermelon Basil Green Green Tea Recipe is a wonderful drink that can be served for parties or a summer drink. The flavours from the fresh watermelon when infused with Sei White Tea creates a lovely refreshing drink. Basil leaves gives in the complete finish to the mocktail adding a refreshing touch to the flavors.  Tea Monk Sei White Tea, Watermelon juice, Lemon juice, Basil leaves   2 tablespoons Tea Monk Sei White Tea 2 cups Watermelon juice 1 tablespoon Lemon juice 2 sprig Basil leaves     25   5     To begin making the Watermelon Basil Green Tea, in a large saucepan, bring water to a boil and turn off the heat. Add the Sei White Tea leaves into a teapot and pour the boiling water and stir. Let the tea brew for 2 minutes.Strain the tea into a pitcher and discard the tea leaves. Allow the tea to cool.Stir in the watermelon juice, lemon juice and basil leaves.Stir well to combine all the ingredient.  Check the taste and adjust the sweetness accordingly. Refrigerate the Watermelon Basil Green Tea for 3 to 4 hours and serve.Serve the Watermelon Basil Green Tea  as a drink for your parties along with a Roasted Vegetable Tart  or Paneer Cheese Puffs Recipe as a starter.