Sabja Shikanji Recipe – Chia Seeds Shikanji (Recipe In Hindi)

Sabja Shikanji is the healthiest drink. This drink gives freshness and coolness to the body during summer days. Sabja Shikanji is made from sabja seeds and lemon.  Vegetable seeds, cold water, ice, lemon, sugar, black salt or rock salt, cumin powder, black pepper powder, mint.   4 teaspoons vegetable seeds 3 cups cold water 1 cup ice 3 lemons, juice them 4 tablespoons sugar, ground black salt or rock salt, cumin powder as per taste, a pinch of black pepper powder, a pinch of mint, for garnish     30   0     To make Sabja Shikanji, first soak the sabja seeds in 2 cups of water for 30 minutes. Add 3 cups of water, sugar, lemon juice, black salt, cumin powder, black pepper powder in a jug and mix till the sugar dissolves. Ice cubes Add vegetable seeds and mint leaves and mix. Pour into glasses and serve immediately. Serve Sabja Shikanji during summers. You can also add honey as per taste instead of sugar.