Potato Spinach Roulade Recipe With Parmesan Cheese & Herbed Butter Sauce

A roulade is a dish of filled rolled meat or pastry. Roulade is very popular breakfast or a dinner dish that is found in  European cuisines. The Potato Spinach Roulade Recipe is a delicious dish where the potato pastry is filled with spinach and rolled and topped with Parmesan Cheese and a Herbed Butter Sauce.  Potato (Aloo), All Purpose Flour (Maida), Parmesan cheese, Salt, Whole Eggs, Spinach Leaves (Palak), Basil leaves, Feta Cheese, Salt, Red Chilli powder   For the Potato Roulade 500 grams Potato (Aloo) , boiled 1/2 cup All Purpose Flour (Maida) 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese , grated 1/4 teaspoon Salt 3 Whole Eggs For the Filling 150 grams Spinach Leaves (Palak) , finely chopped 1 sprig Basil leaves , finely chopped 50 grams Feta Cheese Salt , to taste Red Chilli powder , to taste     10   90     To begin making the Potato Spinach Roulade Recipe, first boil the potatoes in water or a pressure cooker until well done. Peel the skin of the potatoes and allow it to cool. Once the potatoes have cooled, place it in a large mixing bowl and mash the potatoes with your hands or a potato masher. add salt, flour, cheese and eggs and mix all the ingredients into the potato until it forms a smooth dough like consistency. If it does not, add a little flour and allow it to form a dough.Prepare a baking sheet and spread a cheese cloth over the baking sheet. Spread the potato mixture over the cheese cloth to form a long rectangle. The potato will be about a 1/2 an inch thick. Keep this aside while we prepare the filling for the roulade.In a large wok, heat a teaspoon of oil over high heat. Add the spinach and basil and cook until the spinach has wilted down and all the moisture is evaporated. Once evaporated, allow the spinach to cool completely. Add the feta, salt and chili powder and check the taste. The filling is now ready.Spread the spinach mixture over the rolled out potato leaving a 1/2-inch on the edges. The next step is to make it into a roll.With the short side of the rectangle, using the cheesecloth as a support, roll the potato along with the filling to make a pinwheel like roll.  Once rolled, wrap the potato in the cheesecloth and tie the ends of the roll with a string.The final step is to steam the Potato Roulade or Boil it in water. You can cut the roulade into half and place it in a steamer. If you are using the steamer or plan to boil it in water along with the cheese cloth, steam/boil the roulade for at least 30 to 40 minutes on medium heat. Once done, transfer the roll to a serving platter and allow it to rest for 10-12 minutes before you can open the cheese cloth. After 10 minutes, remove the cheesecloth and cut the Potato Spinach Roulade into  slices. Serve it by drizzling with herbed butter sauce. Melt the herbed butter and pour it over the roulade.Serve Potato Spinach Roulade Recipe With Parmesan Cheese & Herbed Butter Sauce for breakfast or even a weeknight dinner along with a glass of wine.