Moong Dal Idli & Dosa Batter Recipe

To make Moong Dal Idli Dosa Batter Recipe, yellow Moong Dal and Idli Rice are used. Both are soaked and ground and then kept overnight to ferment. You can make idli, dosa, uttapam, paniyaram from this batter and serve it with chutney of your choice.  पिली मूंग दाल, मेथी के दाने, इडली चावल, नमक   1 cup yellow moong dal, soaked overnight 1 tsp fenugreek seeds 1 cup idli rice, soaked overnight 2-1/2 tsp salt     480   0     To make Moong Dal Idli Dosa Batter Recipe, firstly we will soak the dal and rice in water overnight. Put moong dal and fenugreek in water in a bowl and soak overnight. Put rice in another bowl and soak it overnight. After getting wet, take out the water from both the bowls. Now put fenugreek and moong dal in a mixer grinder with some water and grind it. Take it out in a bowl. Add rice, some water in the same mixer grinder and grind it. Mix this batter in the moong dal batter. Add salt, mix and keep aside covered for 8 hours or overnight. This batter will ferment after 8 hours. Mix it with the help of a spoon and use it. You can make Idli, Dosa, Uttapam, anything from it. Pour it in an air tight container and store it for 4 to 5 days.