How to Blanch Tomatoes Recipe

How to blanch tomatoes is a super easy and wonderful technique to remove the raw taste of tomatoes and also gives a soft texture to the dish.Blanching refers to immersing in a boiling water for few seconds to half cook them. The blanched tomatoes can be used in various dishes to make a curry, or to just use it in a chutney or salad.   Tomatoes, Water   5 Tomatoes Water , as required     5   1     We begin to blanch tomatoes by first cleaning the tomatoes under running water, then place a sauce pan with water, 2 inch till the brim. Keep it in medium heat.In the mean while, score the tomatoes below by using your knife. And also place another bowl filled with cold water.Once the water starts to boil, add the tomatoes and let it immerse in the water and blanch for about 30-60 seconds.You can start the skin starts to tear it open.Once done, add the tomatoes into the cold water. Let it cool down. Once it cools down, remove the skin.