Healthy & Delicious Jamun Fruit Smoothie – Black Plum Smoothie Recipe

Black plum or jamun is very easily available in summer and rainy season. Jamun Fruit Smoothie is a quick juicy preparation and a refreshing idea for any time of the day. Jamun fruit pulp is blended with curd, milk, and honey to prepare this recipe.  Jamun (black plum), Curd (Dahi / Yogurt), Milk, Honey, Crushed ice   3/4 cup Jamun (black plum) , deseeded 2 cups Curd (Dahi / Yogurt) , (low fat) 1/2 cup Milk Honey , to taste Crushed ice , as required     10   30     To begin making this Healthy & Delicious Jamun Fruit Smoothie – Black Plum Smoothie Recipe, into a mixer or Blender, blend deseeded jamun fruit and honey till smooth.Once done add milk, curd, crushed ice and blend for a few seconds.Pour Healthy & Delicious Jamun Fruit Smoothie into tall glasses and serve immediately.Serve Healthy & Delicious Jamun Fruit Smoothie with Grilled Spinach And Cottage Cheese Sandwich for a wholesome breakfast.