Green Chutney Aloo Chaat Recipe

Green Chutney Aloo Chaat Recipe is a famous street food made in North India. In this recipe, potatoes are boiled and pan fried and then green chutney, garam masala powder, cumin powder, pomegranate and sev are added to it. Garlic and onion are not used in it, so you can make it even during your fasting days.  आलू, हरा धनिया, पुदीना, हरी मिर्च, अदरक, निम्बू, मूंगफली, शक्कर, नमक, जीरा, गरम मसाला पाउडर, जीरा पाउडर, अनार, सेव, चाट मसाला पाउडर, तेल   4 potatoes, boiled For green chutney 1/2 cup coriander 1/2 cup mint 4 green chillies 1/2 inch ginger, cut 1 lemon, extract juice 1 tbsp peanut sugar, pinch of salt, other as per taste Ingredients 1 tsp cumin 1/2 tsp garam masala powder 1/2 tsp cumin powder Pomegranate, sev for garnish, chaat masala powder for garnish Oil, as per experiment     20   10     To make Green Chutney Aloo Chaat Recipe, first put the potatoes in a pressure cooker along with water as required and close the cooker. Now place the cooker on gas and cook till 3 whistles. After 3 whistles, turn off the gas and let the pressure release on its own. Open the cooker and drain the water and let the potatoes cool. After the potatoes cool down, peel them, cut them and keep them aside. Now while the potatoes are cooling, we will make the green chutney. To make green chutney, first of all add green coriander, mint, ginger, green chillies, salt, sugar, lemon juice, peanuts, some water in a mixer grinder and grind it well. Keep it separately. Now heat oil in a pan. Add cumin seeds in it and let it splutter. After the cumin seeds crackle, add potatoes, salt and cook until it turns golden brown. Now add cumin powder, garam masala powder and mix well. Turn off the gas. After the potatoes cool down, add green chutney to the potatoes and mix everything. Add chaat masala and mix. Now put this potato in a serving bowl and garnish it with pomegranate and sev. Pour lemon juice on top and mix. Serve green chutney aloo chaat recipe with masala soda shikanji or masala tea for evening snack.