Bread Toast Recipe

Bread toasts, milk and fruits can be one of the most easiest recipes to whip up in the early morning for breakfast. Simple bread toast recipe made with a dollop of butter, can be used for open toast recipes or sandwich recipes. You can also make a filling of fresh chopped seasonal fruits and Fresh Strawberry Jam Recipe (Strawberry Preserve) or salad vegetables with a spread like Cashew Mayonnaise. The cooking time does not differ much with the type of bread we use for sandwich, unless the slices are too thick or thin. Remember to gently toast each slice on low-medium heat and to flip at the correct stage of toasting.  Whole Wheat Brown Bread, Butter (Salted)   8 Whole Wheat Brown Bread 8 teaspoons Butter (Salted)     5   15     To begin making Bread Toast Recipe, melt butter for a few seconds in microwave till the butter can be spooned easily.Heat a tawa on medium heat, once the tawa is heated, turn down the flame to low-medium and then place 2 bread slices one next to the other.Smear a bit of butter on each bread slice using a butter knife or from the back of a flat spoon. Place the bread slices onto the pan and allow them to brown a bit. If you are using whole wheat bread slices, browning may take a few more seconds more than the all-purpose flour bread. Keep a low heat throughout, to avoid charring. Smear with butter like you did on the other side.Flip the slices and allow to stay for about half a minute. Once the color is golden brown on both sides, take the slices off heat.Repeat the same with the rest of the bread slices.Serve the Bread Toast Recipe drizzled with honey, maple syrup, chocolate syrup, or made into delicious sandwiches like Chilli Cheese Toast Recipe, Spicy Mushroom And Spring Onion Toast Recipe, preferably with a glass of milk or smoothie.