Boodida Gummadikaya Pachi Vadiyalu Recipe -Andhra Style Ash Gourd Fritters Recipe

Last week, my mother mentioned to me that, one can make tasty fritters with ash gourd, known as ‘Pachi vadiyalu. With research, I found that, in Andhra Pradesh, ash gourd is used to prepare ‘vadiyalu’, which are again two types. Pacchi vadiyalu or raw fritters, which are deep fried in oil and relished as fritters. And vadiyalu, are the sun dried fritters, which can be stored for many months. Whenever required, these can be fried in oil and savored with rice. Boodida Gummadikaya Pachi Vadiyalu is Andhra Style Ash Gourd Fritters Recipe which is very tasty for snack time and as side dish  White Urad Dal (Whole), Vellai Poosanikai (Ash gourd/White Pumpkin), Green Chillies, Cooking soda, Oil, Salt   2 cups White Urad Dal (Whole) , soaked for 4-5 hours 1-1/2 cups Vellai Poosanikai (Ash gourd/White Pumpkin) , finely chopped 4 Green Chillies , (adjust) 1 pinch Cooking soda Oil , to deep fry Salt , to taste     10   10     To begin making Boodida Gummadikaya Pachi Vadiyalu (Andhra Style Ash Gourd Fritters Recipe), soak the split black gram dal in water for 4-5 hours.Drain the water and In mixer grinder, grind the soaked dal along with green chilies to a fine paste. Ensure that you use minimal amount of water to make a thick batter.Transfer the batter in a bowl and add the diced ash gourd pieces. Add salt and a pinch of baking soda. Mix well.Heat a small pan, pour oil for frying. Once the oil is heated, keep on medium flame.Apply little water to your palm. Now take a morsel of this batter and pat it into a round shape on the moistened palm. Drop this into hot oil, slowly. Take care not to touch the hot pan.Fry the ‘pachi vadiyalu’ until they turn golden brown. Remove from oil and drain on kitchen towel.Serve these Boodida Gummadikaya Pachi Vadiyalu (Andhra Style Ash Gourd Fritters Recipe) with Dhaniya Pudina Chutney Recipe (Green Chutney) along with Masala Chai Recipe in the evening. Or this fritter can also be served with hot rice and Beetroot Sambar Recipe (A Tangy Beetroot Lentil Curry).