Bengali Phool Gobhir Paturi Recipe – Bengali Phool Gobhir Paturi (Recipe In Hindi)

Bengali Phool Gobhir Paturi is a Bengali side dish consisting of cauliflower and potatoes cooked with poppy seeds and cumin seeds. This vegetable is easy to prepare and takes very little time. Adding poppy seeds further enhances its taste.  Potato, cabbage, cumin, poppy seeds, turmeric powder, green chilli, oil, salt   1 cup potato, chopped 2 cups cabbage, chopped 1 tablespoon cumin, black 3 tablespoon poppy seeds 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder 4 green chillies, as per taste 1 tablespoon oil 1/2 teaspoon salt     10   30     To make Bengali Phool Gobhir Paturi, first wash and chop potatoes and cabbage. Now pour water in a saucepan and let it boil. After the water boils, add cabbage to it and let it cook until it becomes soft. Drain the water and keep the cabbage separately. Now heat oil in a pan. Add cumin seeds in it and let it cook for 30 seconds. Now add cabbage, potatoes, turmeric powder, salt and mix. Cover the pan and cook till the vegetables are cooked. Keep mixing in between. Meanwhile, mix poppy seeds in a cup of water and keep it aside for 5 minutes. After this, drain the water and grind it with green chillies in a mixer grinder. Put this mixture in the pan. Mix and let it cook for 3 to 4 minutes. Switch off the gas and serve. Serve Bengali Phool Gobhir Paturi with Chholar Dal and Bengali Lucchi for dinner.