Babru Recipe (Himachali Black Gram Stuffed Bread)

Babru is a famous black gram stuffed kachoris or puris. The black gram or the whole urad dal is soaked overnight and is ground to a course mix, before stuffing it into the kachoris and deep fried in oil. It makes for a delicious weekend breakfast with any Indian sabzi.  Whole Wheat Flour, Black Urad Dal (Whole), Water, Oil, Salt   2 cups Whole Wheat Flour 1 cup Black Urad Dal (Whole) Water , to knead the dough Oil , for frying (as required) Salt , to taste     10   20     To begin making Babru Recipe (Himachali Black Gram Stuffed Bread), wash the whole black gram and soak in enough water overnight. Drain the water in the morning and grind it to a coarse mix using a mixer grinder and keep aside.Now, make a stiff dough of the whole wheat flour and salt, adding little water at a time as your would do for making the puris.Divide the dough into 20 equal lemon sized balls, before proceeding further.Now, take each wheat flour dough, fill it with a spoon full of the black gram mixture, seal it from all the sides and roll it gently into a small puri’s and keep aside.Like wise, stuff and roll out the rest of the babru’s.Heat oil in a pan, once it is hot enough, fry each prepared babru until it turns light golden brown on each side and drain it into a kitch towel. Fry the rest of the babru’s.Serve the Babru Recipe (Himachali Black Gram Stuffed Bread), along with Chana Madra and Boondi Raita for a delicious weekend breakfast.