Ajwain Puri Recipe – Ajwain Puri (Recipe In Hindi)

Ajwain Puri recipe is very simple which is made from wheat flour and turmeric and ajwain are also used in it. This puri is fried in oil which further enhances the taste of this puri.  Wheat flour, celery, turmeric powder, salt, oil   250 grams wheat flour, 1 teaspoon celery, 1 teaspoon turmeric powder, salt, oil as per taste     25   30     To make Ajwain Puri, first mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Add water as required and mix. Add 2 tablespoons of oil and knead. Make small balls out of it and make small rotis with the help of a rolling pin. Now heat oil in a pan. After it gets hot, add the puri and cook till it turns golden from both the sides. Serve Ajwain Puri with Aloo Sabzi and Boondi Raita for lunch.