Vegetarian Watermelon Jello Recipe

Here is a super easy version of jello with Watermelon. What’s more, it is vegetarian as well! The use of Agar agar (plant extract) instead of normally used gelatine to make this yummy party dessert will make your experience even more lovable. With only 2-3 ingredients, this jello is sure to be an addiction once in a while.  Watermelon, Agar agar, Sugar   2 cups Watermelon , juice (strained) 1-1/2 tablespoon Agar agar 2 teaspoon Sugar , optional     15   45     To prepare this easy Vegetarian watermelon jello recipe, get prep by straining juice of a large watermelon.In a Saucepan, bring the strained watermelon juice (2 cups) and agar agar to boil.You could add sugar at this and wait until it dissolves while on stove. This step is completely optional.Once the agar agar dissolves in watermelon juice completely, switch off heat.Pour in the mixture into Ramekins or any mold of your choice.Let it come down to room temperature.Carefully set the mold without disturbing the jello inside fridge and freeze for 30-40 minutes.Serve the Vegetarian Watermelon Jello after a party meal or during tea time along with a bowl of roasted nuts.