Vazha Thandu Poriyal Recipe – Tamil Nadu Style Dry Banana Stem Fry

Vazha Thandu Poriyal Recipe is a simple and quick Tamil Nadu recipe made with fibrous banana stem tossed in simple spice powders and seasonings. Poriyal is generally from Tamil Nadu.  Banana Stem, Pearl onions (Sambar Onions), Green Chillies, Curry leaves, Turmeric powder (Haldi), Mustard seeds (Rai/ Kadugu), Fresh coconut, Oil, Salt   300 grams Banana Stem , cut into small dices and soaked in buttermilk 1/4 cup Pearl onions (Sambar Onions) , finely chopped 2 Green Chillies , finely chopped 1 sprig Curry leaves , finely chopped 1/2 teaspoon Turmeric powder (Haldi) 1/2 teaspoon Mustard seeds (Rai/ Kadugu) 2 tablespoons Fresh coconut , grated Oil , for cooking Salt , to taste     10   30     To begin making the Vazha Thandu Poriyal Recipe, firstly pressure cook the banana stem along with the buttermilk, salt and turmeric powder for about 1 whistle. Release the pressure naturally and drain the water out.Heat a skillet with oil. Add mustard seeds, curry leaves and let the mustard seeds crackle.Once done, add the cooked Banana stem and mix everything properly.After a minute, add in the green chili, salt to taste and give it a mix. Let it cook for about 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, add in the grated coconut and give it stir fry for about 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, switch off the stove and it is ready to be served.Serve the Vazha Thandu Poriyal Recipe along with Steamed Rice, Parappu Rasam and Elai Vadam to enjoy your Lunch meal.