Ujju Rotti Recipe (Indian Rice Flat Bread)

Ujju Rotti Recipe (Indian Rice Flat Bread) Bilavaliga in Telugu is a total whole Rice flour dish, wherein the flour is pre-cooked and rolled out just like rotis. Our very own gluten-free flatbread. This Dish is so versatile since it is consumed as breakfast, lunch or dinner, depending on the side dish. It is great to mop up any flavourful curry like Badanekaayi Gojju, Peas curry, Malai Kofta or any pappu (dal).  Rice flour, Water, Salt, Oil   1 cup Rice flour 1-1/2 cups Water Salt , to taste 1 Oil     20   30     To prepare Ujju Rotti Recipe (Indian Rice Flat Bread), in a medium sized vessel Bring the water to a boil with salt and oil.Lower the flame and pour the rice flour into the boiling water using a cup or a tumbler, pour it in the centre as much as possible.Let it get cooked on a low to medium flame for 8-10 minutes uncovered.Turn off the flame, take a wooden stick or a wooden spatula, run it under a tap to wet it and then mix the flour and water mixture vigorously until combined. This step must be done quickly to avoid lumps. This takes about 2 minutes. Cover for a couple of minutes and let it cool until you can handle the mixture.Drop it on an oiled surface and knead well for about 5-7 minutes. Roll the mixture into a cylinder and divide them equally. This should give you about 4 equal sized balls.Kneading should happen after wetting hands since the dough will stick to hands. Keep them covered at all times. Knead each ball for 15-20 seconds and roll it out just like regular rotis using rice flour. Just make sure you do it slow and steady since the edges might crack.Roll out all the balls and stack the rotti on top of another on a plate first and then start roasting them. Use a little rice flour to avoid getting sticked to one another.Heat a tawa and cook the Ujju Rotti just like a chapatti by smearing oil /ghee on both sides and serve with Badanekaayi Gojju, Peas curry, Malai Kofta or any pappu (dal).