Thai Style Sweet Khao Tom Recipe (Coconut Sticky Rice Stuffed with Banana and Steamed)

Thai Style Sweet Khao Tom Recipe (Coconut Sticky Rice Stuffed with Banana and Steamed) is a steamed parcel that is made with sticky rice cooked along with broad beans and coconut milk. It is then mashed till it becomes soft and sticky. The sweet and ripened banana is then placed in between sticky rice mixture and steamed in a banana leaf. This can be had as a healthy snack for your evening time with a cup of lemon tea or green tea by the side.  Cooked rice, White broad beans, Coconut milk, Sugar, Salt, Nendra Pazham Banana (Ripe)   1 cup Cooked rice 1/2 cup White broad beans , soaked in overnight 1 cup Coconut milk 4 tablespoons Sugar Salt , to taste 1 Nendra Pazham Banana (Ripe)     5   30     To begin making the Thai Style Sweet Khao Tom Recipe, we will first soak the broad beans in water for overnight and keep it ready.Pressure cook the broad beans with water in a pressure cooker till it is cooked this will take about 5 whistle.Once the pressure is released, strain the water and add the broad beans, cooked rice, coconut milk, sugar into a saucepan and bring it to a boil.Boil the mixture until it becomes thick and the rice has to be cooked completely, switch off the heat. Using a potato masher, you can mash the mixture to a coarse paste.Keep a vegetable steamer on heat with water. Take a banana leaf that is cut into rectangular piece, place the sticky rice mixture little and flatten it, next add some of the chopped ripened banana and add some more rice mixture and cover it.Wrap the banana leaf tightly using a string and keep it inside the steamer and steam the parcels for about 5 minutes.Serve the Thai Style Sweet Khao Tom Recipe after a nice meal of noodles or Vegetarian Pad Thai for your main course.