Stuffed Tomato With Stir-Fried Quinoa And Feta Recipe

Stuffed Tomato With Stir-Fried Quinoa and feta Recipe is a classic a dish made in Turkey or Iran. This dish is made by scooping the pulp out from the tomatoes and stuffing it with seasoned quinoa to give it an extra flavor to the dish. The tomato is then baked in the oven to keep the flavor intact so that when it is cut open the tomato stays juicy and the stuffing is warm inside.  Tomatoes, Quinoa, Red Bell pepper (Capsicum), Yellow Bell Pepper (Capsicum), Cheddar cheese, Feta Cheese, Black pepper powder, Salt   4 Tomatoes , pulp scooped out, big ones 100 grams Quinoa , soaked in water for 2 hours 1 Red Bell pepper (Capsicum) , chopped finely 1 Yellow Bell Pepper (Capsicum) , chopped finely 100 grams Cheddar cheese , grated 50 grams Feta Cheese , cubed 2 teaspoon Black pepper powder Salt , to taste     10   30     To begin making Stuffed Tomato With Stir Fried Quinoa and feta Recipe, heat a pan with oil , add chopped garlic, saute the vegetables and add the feta cheese.Once done add the quinoa and saute for 2 minutes then add 1 and 1/2 cups of water. Cover and let the quinoa boil and get cooked.Let the water evaporate, check for seasoning. Let it cool down and stuff it inside the tomato that has been scooped out and season with salt.Top it up with cheddar cheese and some chopped bell peppers and bake it in the oven for about 10 minutes at 150 degree Celsius. Serve your juicy Stuffed Tomato With Stir Fried Quinoa and feta with  breakfast.