Spinach and Dill Tart With Roasted Peppers Recipe

Spinach and Dill Tart With Roasted Peppers Recipe is delicious savoury mini tart that can be had as appetizers or even as a snack. The recipe consist of a pie crust filled with assorted bell peppers and spinach leaves. The dill leaves added to the vegetables compliments really well and brings out the freshness from the tart.  Red Bell pepper (Capsicum), Garlic, Spinach, Dill leaves, Britannia Cheese Spread – Roasted Garlic, All Purpose Flour (Maida), Salt, Sugar, Butter (Unsalted), Chilled water   For the filling 2 Red Bell pepper (Capsicum) , finely chopped 4 cloves Garlic , finely chopped 300 grams Spinach , finely chopped 100 grams Dill leaves , finely chopped 1 cup Britannia Cheese Spread – Roasted Garlic For Pie Crust 1-1/2 cups All Purpose Flour (Maida) ,  ( makes 40 mini tarts) 1/2 teaspoon Salt 1 tablespoon Sugar 1/2 cup Butter (Unsalted) , cut into small pea size pieces 3 to 4 tablespoons Chilled water     20   45     To begin making the Spinach and Dill Tart With Roasted Peppers Recipe, preheat the oven to 170 degree celsius. Pre make the pastry crust according to instructions.Roll the pastry dough into small circles and place it in the mini tart shell cups. Bake mini tart shells in the pre heated oven for 12 to 15 minutes until crisp and golden. Keep it aside to cool as you move on to make the filling.Heat a sauce pan with oil, add garlic and saute until they soften. Add bell peppers and saute until they become soft.Add chopped spinach and dill leaves and give it a saute. Evaporate all the water from the spinach leaves. Turn off the heat and allow it to cool down.Mix the sauteed vegetables along with garlic cheese spread and the filling for the tart is ready.Fill a heap tablespoon of the filling into the mini tart shells and serve.Serve the Spinach and Dill Tart along with Ahina Long Leaf Green Tea for an afternoon snack or a tea party with friends and family.