Rajasthani Hare Chana Halwa Recipe (Choliya Halwa)

Hare Chane/ Fresh Green Chickpeas/Choliya is a winter produce. High in fibre, folate and many other vitamins like Vitamin A and C, the green chickpeas is also beneficial for weight management. The green chickpeas/choliya cooks quickly and can be added to many vegetables and curries. Interestingly, they make a great dessert. Choliya Halwa is a popular delicacy in Rajasthan. The green chickpeas is ground raw and cooked along with ghee and sugar to make this melt in the mouth halwa. A different, healthy and delicious recipe for you to try when green chana is in season.  Fresh green chickpeas, Sugar, Ghee, Cardamom (Elaichi) Pods/Seeds, Ghee, Pistachios, Sultana Raisins   1 cup Fresh green chickpeas , pureed 1 cup Sugar 1/4 cup Ghee 2 Cardamom (Elaichi) Pods/Seeds , finely powdered For garnish 1 teaspoon Ghee 6 Pistachios , chopped 10 Sultana Raisins     5   45     To begin making the Rajasthani Hare Chane Ka Halwa recipe, heat a heavy bottom kadai/pan with ghee.Add the ground choliya mixture and keep stirring over low flame for 7-8 minutes or till the time they are cooked.Now add sugar and cardamom powder and continue to keep stirring till the time all the extra moisture is absorbed and the halwa becomes non sticky and forms a single lump. Switch off. Heat ghee in a small pan and add the dry fruits for garnish and fry till fragrant and pour it over the halwa and mix well.Delicious Rajasthani Choliya Halwa is ready to be served. Serve Rajasthani Hare Chane Ka Halwa as a dessert after your meal of Panchmel Dal, Ker Sangri and Phulka.