Night Jasmine & Creamy Coconut Rice Recipe

Parijata, also known as Ganga Shiuli in Odiya & Night Jasmine in English is Lord Krishna’s favorite flower. Though i have seen my mom using the leaves to make fritters, using the flowers came into picture only a few years back. While Assamese add these to fish curry, many use these as a replacement of Saffron. These flowers are sun-dried and used throughout the year when not in season. Night Jasmine Creamy Coconut Rice is a very delicious and aromatic dish, which will be a treat to all your senses.  Jasmine Rice, Night Jasmine (Flower stem), Coconut milk, Cashew nuts, Sultana Raisins, Cardamom Powder (Elaichi), Sugar, Butter (Salted), Water   1 cup Jasmine Rice 1/4 cup Night Jasmine (Flower stem) 1/2 cup Coconut milk 1 tablespoon Cashew nuts 2 tablespoon Sultana Raisins 1 teaspoon Cardamom Powder (Elaichi) 1 teaspoon Sugar 2 teaspoon Butter (Salted) 1 cup Water     10   20     To begin making the  Night-Jasmine Creamy Coconut Rice, first soak rice for 5 minutes.Heat ghee in a pan and fry cashew nuts and raisins till the cashew nuts turn golden brown in color. Take them out and saute the rice & flower stems for 2 minutes in the same oil. Once the rice separates and doesn’t stick to the pan turn off the heat.In another vessel, start boiling water and once it reaches boiling point, add the rice along with flower to it. Let it cook for 5 minutes.Add coconut milk, sugar and cardamom powder to it. Cook till the rice is cooked through and all the liquid has dried up. Garnish with fried cashew nut and raisin and serve.Serve Night Jasmine Creamy Coconut Rice with Vegetarian Laksa Curry for a weekend lunch.