Moong Cheese Kachori Recipe – Moong Cheese Kachori (Recipe In Hindi)

Sprouted Moong Kachori is a delicious and healthy breakfast. These shortbread made with cheese can also be given to children in tiffin box. You can make it for rainy days also.  Wheat Flour, Maida (All Purpose Flour), Oats, Oil, Salt, Moong Sprouted, Sweet Potato, Mozzarella Cheese, Salt, Chilli Flakes, Mixed Herbs   1/2 cup wheat flour 1/2 cup maida (all-purpose flour) 1/4 cup oats 2 tablespoons oil Salt, to taste 1 cup sprouted moong, boiled 1/2 cup sweet potatoes, boiled 1/2 cup 4 cups mozzarella cheese Salt to taste 1 teaspoon chili flakes 1 teaspoon mixed herbs     20   20     To make Moong Cheese Kachori, first of all, knead the dough by mixing all the ingredients for the shortbread dough like wheat flour, plain flour, oats and salt, oil. Add sprouted moong, sugar candy, chilli flakes, mixed herbs and salt, mix and make balls. Prepare balls by filling mozzarella cheese in the middle. Roll out medium sized puri of the dough. Place the stuffing balls in the middle and seal all four corners. Give the shape of shortbread. Now heat oil in a pan. Put the kachori in it and cook till it becomes golden from both the sides. Serve hot. Serve Moong Cheese Kachori with Coriander Mint Chutney and Sweet Tamarind Chutney.