Kolhapuri Akkha Masoor Dal Recipe (Masoor Dal in Kholapuri Masala)

Kolhapuri Akkha Masoor Dal Recipe (Masoor Dal in Kolhapuri Masala) is a delicious rich dal made from whole red gram cooked in roasted and ground sesame seed and dry coconut. Firstly onions and tomatoes are sautéed till the raw smell goes away and then cooked along with the Kolhapuri masala which has a strong punch of cinnamon and cardamom. You are also free to add Maharashtra’s goda masala for a difference in taste. The dish will be your all-time favorite dals for lunch.  Masoor Dal (Whole), Onion, Tomato, Ginger, Garlic, Red Chilli powder, Turmeric powder (Haldi), Kolhapuri Khanda Lasun Masala, Sesame seeds (Til seeds), Dessicated Coconut   2 cups Masoor Dal (Whole) , soaked for 5 hours 1 Onion , chopped 1 Tomato , chopped 1 inch Ginger , chopped 4 cloves Garlic , chopped 1 teaspoon Red Chilli powder 1/2 teaspoon Turmeric powder (Haldi) 2 teaspoon Kolhapuri Khanda Lasun Masala , or goda masala To grind 3 teaspoons Sesame seeds (Til seeds) 3 teaspoons Dessicated Coconut     10   35     To begin making the Kolhapuri Akkha Masoor Dal Recipe, lets roast the sesame seeds and dessicated coconut on a hot pan.Roast them till they turn golden brown. Grind it in the mixer to a smooth powder.Next pressure cook the masoor dal with water and salt for atleast 5 whistle. Allow the pressure to release naturally.Heat a flat skillet with oil, add ginger and garlic and saute until softens. Add chopped onions and saute till they turn translucent.Later add chopped tomatoes and cook until the tomatoes turn mushy. Sprinkle salt and the other spice powders and cook until the raw smell goes away.Add ground sesame and coconut powder and saute them as well. Add cooked masoor dal and add 1 cup of water. Check for salt and leave it to boil in simmer.Serve the Kolhapuri Akkha Masoor Dal Recipe along with Doli Ki Roti or bajra roti with salad by the side.