Kadali Bhanda O Chingudi Tarkari Recipe (Odia Style Banana Blossom & Prawn Curry)

Kadali Bhanda O Chingudi Tarkari Recipe is the Odia Style Banana Blossom & Prawn Curry. Banana trees are considered very versatile as every part of the plant is utilised in one way or the other. The stem called Manja and the flower called Bhanda is used as a vegetable and the fruit is used universally in many dishes.  Banana flower (Vazhaipoo), Prawns, Potato (Aloo), Onion, Bay leaf (tej patta), Cinnamon Stick (Dalchini), Cardamom (Elaichi) Pods/Seeds, Cloves (Laung), Dry Red Chillies, Cumin seeds (Jeera), Ginger Garlic Paste, Cumin powder (Jeera), Sugar, Turmeric powder (Haldi), Garam masala powder, Red Chilli powder, Mustard oil, Salt, Fresh coconut   1 Banana flower (Vazhaipoo) 250 grams Prawns , deveined 1 Potato (Aloo) 1 Onion 1 Bay leaf (tej patta) 1 inch Cinnamon Stick (Dalchini) 2 Cardamom (Elaichi) Pods/Seeds 2 Cloves (Laung) 3 Dry Red Chillies 1 teaspoon Cumin seeds (Jeera) 1 tablespoon Ginger Garlic Paste 1 teaspoon Cumin powder (Jeera) 1 teaspoon Sugar 1 teaspoon Turmeric powder (Haldi) , 1 tsp Turmeric powder 1 teaspoon Garam masala powder 1 teaspoon Red Chilli powder 1 tablespoon Mustard oil , (adjust) Salt , to taste 2 tablespoons Fresh coconut , for garnishing     40   25     To begin making for garnishing, Take a kitchen towel and spread it on your kitchen platform. Rub both of your palms with mustard oil before preparing this banana blossom. Take a bowl aside with water and squeeze a lemon into it. Now peel and discard the purple covers of the blossom, then gently remove the outer skin of each of the florets and take out the thin stem from the floret. The skin and the stems are not consumed, hence thrown away.Once done, soak all the florets in cold water with lemon juice for half an hour, so as to prevent them from turning dark and bitter.Now pressure cook these banana blossom with salt and turmeric till cooked and then discard the water. Now banana blossom  is ready for cooking.