Jhangore Ki Kheer Recipe – Jhangore Ki Kheer (Recipe In Hindi)

Jhangora Kheer is a popular kheer of Kashmir, Uttarakhand. Jhangora with fine white grains is called Saanva in Hindi which we often make during fasting. This kheer is rich in nutrients like calories, protein and carbohydrates.  Jhangora, sugar, milk, almonds, rose water   300 grams Jhangora (Sanwa) 150 grams sugar 2 liters milk 2 liters milk 1/4 cup almonds, cut into fine pieces 1 teaspoon rose water     30   25     To make Jhangora kheer, first wash the Jhangora and soak it in water for half an hour. Till then keep the milk boiling. Let the milk reduce to half while stirring on medium flame. After it reduces to half, add jhangora, sugar, rose water, and almonds to the dosha. Cook for 5 to 8 minutes or until the kheer thickens. Keep the kheer as thick or thin as desired. Garnish with almond pieces and serve. Serve Jhangora Kheer as a dessert after your meal. You can make it even during your fasting days. You can also add chironji, saffron, cashew nuts and raisins. You can also add rose water