Iyengar Vendakkai Mor kuzhambu Recipe

Iyengar Style Vendakkai Mor kuzhambu  Recipe is a variant to the regular Pooshanikai More Kuzhambu  .This type of preparation is something very commonly seen in many Iyengars (a sect of Tambrahms Community) households. In other words it is also called as a south Indian version of “Bhindi Kadhi”. In the south Indian version of mor kuzhambu, It does not require Garam masala or garlic. The specialty in our cuisine is without these ingredients we can prepare an equally flavorful dish. Vendakkai Mor kuzhambu , is typically crispy okra that is cooked in a thick , spicy yogurt based sauce.  Bhindi (Lady Finger/Okra), Coconut Oil, Ghee, Salt, Arhar dal (Split Toor Dal), Turmeric powder (Haldi), Methi Seeds (Fenugreek Seeds), Cumin seeds (Jeera), Fresh coconut, Ginger, Green Chillies, Dry Red Chillies, Coriander (Dhania) Leaves, Water, Curd (Dahi / Yogurt), Water, Salt, Ghee, Mustard seeds (Rai/ Kadugu), Asafoetida (hing), Dry Red Chillies   For the Okra fry 8 Bhindi (Lady Finger/Okra) 2 tablespoons Coconut Oil 1 tablespoon Ghee Salt , to taste For roasting and grinding 3 tablespoons Arhar dal (Split Toor Dal) 1 pinch Turmeric powder (Haldi) 2 teaspoon Methi Seeds (Fenugreek Seeds) 2 teaspoon Cumin seeds (Jeera) 2 tablespoons Fresh coconut 1/2 inch Ginger , chopped 2 Green Chillies , chopped 2 Dry Red Chillies 2 sprig Coriander (Dhania) Leaves , chopped Water , as required For the Yogurt gravy 250 ml Curd (Dahi / Yogurt) 100 ml Water Salt , to taste For Tempering 1 teaspoon Ghee 1 teaspoon Mustard seeds (Rai/ Kadugu) 1 pinch Asafoetida (hing) 3 Dry Red Chillies     30   15     We begin Making the Iyengar Style Vendakkai Mor kuzhambu Recipe by soaking the toor dal in 1/2 cup luke warm water and add a little turmeric powder  and leave it in a blender jar for about 30 minutes.Meanwhile take a wok , on medium heat , add oil and saute fenugreek seeds, green chillies ,ginger piece and dry red chillies until aromatic .Transfer this roasted mixture to the soaking toor dal and add coconut scrapings , coriander leaves and cumin seed . Grind this to a fine paste. In the same wok , on medium heat , add 2 tablespoon of coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of ghee , fry the chopped okra until crispy. You can sprinkle little salt over it and saute until the outer skin of the okra turns light brown.In a medium sized vessel , add the ground paste and whisk in 250 ml of sour curd and 100 ml of water without any lumps. Keep this on medium heat and stir continuously , do not leave this on heat without stirring , it will burn at the bottom and give smoky taste.Care must be taken. As you stir this , it will start boiling and the liquid will start to thicken. The liquid will froth in the sides.Now add the fried okra to this and stir. Switch off the heat and keep it aside. Take a tempering pan or use the same wok that you used to fry the grinding ingredients and the okra , add a teaspoon of ghee, temper mustard seeds , asafoetida and break the dry red chillies and then add it. Saute this and add it to the Mor kuzhambu.Serve the Iyengar Style Vendakkai Mor kuzhambu with hot steaming Rice and Raw Banana Thoran as a side dish to enjoy your perfect meal.