Italian Classic Bread With Cheese And Herbs

Italian Classic Garlic Bread With Cheese And Herbs is a tasty dish, simple to prepare and takes very less time. This is a classic version and you can add toppings to this if you want to make it even tastier. Choose your favourite bread of your choice here I have used the french loaf for my recipe.   French Loaf, Butter (Salted), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Dried oregano, Parsley leaves, Red Chilli flakes, Mozzarella cheese, Garlic, Green Chilli, Salt, Black pepper powder   1 French Loaf 100 grams Butter (Salted) Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 tablespoon Dried oregano 1 tablespoon Parsley leaves , dry 1 teaspoon Red Chilli flakes 1 cup Mozzarella cheese 10 cloves Garlic 2 Green Chilli Salt , to taste Black pepper powder , to taste     10   30     To begin with the Italian Classic Bread With Cheese And Herbs first, let’s start by making a garlic dressing for the bread absorb completely, you can do one with a base of entire olive oil or only butter or do a mix of both, here I am using a mix of butter and olive oil.Take a mixer/grinder add garlic cloves,dried oregano,parsley,salt,pepper,olive oil and butter and grind to a smooth paste.This can be stored and used it for later use as well.Now cut your french loaf in half and generously apply your garlic dressing and cover it with plastic wrap and keep in a cool place just so that dressing gets completely absorbed.Now cut the bread to oval pieces and top it with a good amount of mozzarella. You may also add some jalapenos or pickles or any veggies if you want.Now it’s time to toast the bread you can toast them in pan or oven. I am using a pan here.Heat the pan and grease it with some butter and bring the heat to low, place the bread on the pan and cover the pan with a lid to make sure the cheese melts while the bottom part that is the crust is getting to a golden brown crunch at low flame.Serve the Italian Classic Bread With Cheese And Herbs with any pasta or fresh juice.Serve the Italian Classic Bread With Cheese And Herbs with Cheesy Spaghetti Verdi for your weekend dinner.