Idli Dosa Milagai Podi Recipe – South Indian Chilli Chutney Powder

Idli Dosa Milagai Podi or Chilli Chutney Powder is traditionally used in south indian homes and served along with Idlis and Dosas. It is used as a substitute to chutneys or sambar to accompany breakfast dishes like idli or dosai. This powder can be stored in airtight container for days and can be used for multiple purposes. This Podi can be used instead of chilly powder while making other vegetable curry also.  White Urad Dal (Whole), Chana dal (Bengal Gram Dal), Sesame seeds (Til seeds), Coriander (Dhania) Seeds, Red Chilli powder, Asafoetida (hing), Salt   1 cup White Urad Dal (Whole) 1 cup Chana dal (Bengal Gram Dal) 1/2 cup Sesame seeds (Til seeds) 2 tablespoons Coriander (Dhania) Seeds 2 tablespoons Red Chilli powder 1 tablespoon Asafoetida (hing) 2 tablespoons Salt     15   15     To begin making the Idli Dosa Chutney Powder Recipe, in a heavy bottomed pan; roast the urad dal and chana dal separately on medium to low heat until lightly browned and crisp. When you take a bite, the dals should have a crunch. Transfer onto a plate to cool and keep aside.In the same pan, roast the sesame seeds and coriander seeds until the sesame seeds sputters and transfer to a plate to cool and keep aside.If you are adding the dry red chillies, roast the red chillies until browned and keep aside.Once all the ingredients are cooled in a food processor grind all the ingredients in batches or together to form a coarse powder.Finally stir in the asafoetida, salt and red chilli powder .if you used dry red chillies this would have been ground with the lentils.Store the Idli Dosa Chutney Powder – Milagai Podi air tight containers and use as and when required.Serve Idli Dosa Milagai Podi with Homemade Soft Idli Recipe or Ghee Roast Dosa Recipe for breakfast.