Ice Cream Tea Float Recipe

Ice Cream Tea Float Recipe is a brilliant combination of Ice cream in Tea. The drink is neither a Latte nor a Smoothie and not even an Ice tea but a mix of all in one. Once the tea is brewed it is added into the serving glass and mixed with an aerated soda and finally topped with a big scoop of ice cream. Thus the name Ice cream Tea Float describes the drink aptly. So as you take a sip of the drink you will enjoy the refreshing tea flavour along with the rich creamy Ice cream.  Tea Monk Oolong Tea, Honey, Vanilla Ice cream, Aerated water (Soda Water)   2 tablespoons Tea Monk Oolong Tea 1 tablespoon Honey 1 scoop Vanilla Ice cream , (small scoops) 1 cup Aerated water (Soda Water)     20   5     To begin making the Ice Cream Tea Float, into a teapot, add a cup of boiling water. Add in the Tea Monk Oolong Tea and allow it to brew for two minutes.Once it has brewed, strain to filter the tea. Allow the tea to cool or refrigerate for about half an hour.Pour the brewed oolong tea into a serving glass. Add 1 cup of aerated soda water.Finally add a scoop of vanilla  ice cream and top with more soda water as needed. Serve the Ice Cream Tea Float Recipe as a Party drink along with Mexican Vegetable Nachos or a Murg Malai Kebab to enjoy it with.