Homemade Healthy Sour Cream Recipe

A lip-smacking dip recipe, Homemade Healthy Sour Cream Recipe  a delicious topping usually used in Mexican cuisine. A simple combination of hung yogurt with a tad bit of cream seasoned with some salt and a splash of lemon juice, will add a zing to the dish it is served along with.   Hung Curd (Greek Yogurt), Fresh cream, Salt, Lemon juice   1 cup Hung Curd (Greek Yogurt) 2 tablespoons Fresh cream Salt , to taste  1/2 teaspoon Lemon juice     10   0     To begin making the Homemade Healthy Sour Cream Recipe, we will first make the hung curd To make 1 cup hung curd, we will require, 800 grams of regular dahi/curd. Place a muslin cloth over a large strainer and place this strainer over a deep dish. Pour the curd into the strainer on which the muslin cloth is spread. Let this sit overnight in the fridge. Next morning, discard the water collected in the deep dish, you will see the thick hung curd in the strainer. In a mixing bowl, combine the hung yogurt along with fresh cream salt and lemon juice. Whisk well, ensuring the sour cream is turning into a nice smooth texture. Serve chilled. Serve Homemade Healthy Sour Cream Recipe over Veggie Loaded Nachos Recipe, or along with some appetizers like Peri Peri Fish Fingers or Tandoori Potato Wedges.