Guava And Papaya Mimosa Drink Recipe

Guava And Papaya Mimosa Drink Recipe is very colourful , refreshing and super easy to make drink. It is an elegant cocktail that can be served during any parties. Mimosa is basically a cocktail having equal parts of champagne and any other fruit juice. But this recipe can taste divine even with addition of sparkling wine as well.  Guava juice, Papaya juice, Champagne, Lemon, Guava, Papaya   1 cup Guava juice , chilled 1 cup Papaya juice , chilled 500 ml Champagne , or Sparkling wine  1 Lemon , juiced 1/4 cup Guava , cubes (optional) 1/4 cup Papaya , cubes (optional)     10   0     To begin making Guava And Papaya Mimosa Drink Recipe, get all the ingredients handy and ready.Pour equal quantity of guava and papaya juice into serving glasses.Squeeze equal quantity of lime and orange juice into it.Top the glass with sparkling wine/ champagne.Garnish with few chunks of papaya/ guava if required.Serve Guava And Papaya Mimosa Drink Recipe chilled, along with party appetizers like Assorted Cheese Platter Served With Fruits & Crackers and Protein Fingers Recipe.