Grilled Quesadillas Recipe With Chilli Mushroom & Corn

Grilled Quesadillas Recipe With Chilli Mushroom & Corn is a delicious mexican quesadilla filled with a spicy filling of mushrooms and corn, generously topped with cheese, folded and grilled to perfection.   Tortillas, Cheese, Butter (Salted), Button mushrooms, Sweet corn, Spring Onion (Bulb & Greens), Garlic, Ginger, Green Chillies, Corn flour, Soy sauce, Tomato Ketchup, Sweet and Spicy Red Chilli Sauce (Tomato Chilli Sauce), Oil, Salt   4 Tortillas 1/2 cup Cheese , grated  4 tablespoons Butter (Salted) For the Chilli Mushroom & Corn filling  400 grams Button mushrooms , cut into quarters 1/2 cup Sweet corn , steamed 1/4 cup Spring Onion (Bulb & Greens) , chopped 6 cloves Garlic , finely chopped 2 inch Ginger , finely chopped 2 Green Chillies , finely chopped 1 tablespoon Corn flour 1/2 tablespoon Soy sauce 1 tablespoon Tomato Ketchup 1 teaspoon Sweet and Spicy Red Chilli Sauce (Tomato Chilli Sauce) 1 tablespoon Oil Salt , to taste     20   20     To begin making the Grilled Quesadillas Recipe With Chilli Mushroom & Corn,  we will first make the filling for this quesadillas. *For the Chilli Mushroom & Corn filling To begin making the filling for the Chilli Mushroom & Corn filling , we will first make the base sauce by mixing corn flour with 1/4 cup of water. in a mixing bowl. To this stir in the soya sauce, ketchup, chilli sauce and salt and mix well. Heat oil in a wok  on high heat; add garlic, ginger, green chillies, spring onions and stir fry for about 30 seconds. Add in the mushrooms and saute on medium heat. Once the mushroom is well cooked, add in the steamed sweet corn kernels.  Stir in the corn flour mixture to the wok and cook for a few minutes until the mushroom chilli sauce thickens.At this stage turn the heat to high and continue to cook for a few minutes until well combined with the sauce. Garnish with spring onion leaves, transfer the Chilli Mushroom & Corn filling to a bowl and set aside to cool.  *To assemble the Grilled Quesadillas With Chilli Mushroom & CornYou can either use store bought tortillas or make them at home.You can choose to either make Corn Tortillas by following the Homemade Corn Tortilla Recipe or make whole wheat tortillas by following Homemade Whole Wheat Flour Tortillas Recipe. These tortillas can be made ahead and stored in an airtight container. Heat a skillet on medium-low flame, lightly heat up the tortillas for about 10-15 seconds on each side. Place the tortillas on a flat surface like that of a working counter or a chopping board, place the Chilli Mushroom & Corn filling on one half of the tortillas, place grated cheese over it and fold it to get a semi circular filled quesadilla. Place the Chilli Mushroom & Corn Quesadillas on the grill pan on high heat,  smear some softened butter on the top.Grill the Quesadillas on both sides by applying butter until browned and crisp and till you get the grill marks on the quesadillas. Serve Grilled Quesadillas With Chilli Mushroom & Corn as an appetizer along with a refreshing Kiwi Basil Lemonade Recipe, followed by a dessert of Apple Pie Ice Cream Recipe.