Goan Style Khatkhatem Recipe (Mixed Vegetable Gravy)

Goan Style Khatkhatem Recipe (Mixed Vegetable Gravy) is a divine vegetable stew made from a mix of seasonal vegetables. The dish mainly prepared in Hindu household. The gravy will contain mostly vegetables like pumpkin, raw banana, raw jackfruit, yam and radish. The gravy is simmered in a coconut curry with moong dal and flavored with chilli powder and turmeric.  Kaddu (Parangikai/ Pumpkin), Raw Banana, Green peas (Matar), Yellow Moong Dal (Split), Salt, Tamarind Water, Fresh coconut, Turmeric powder (Haldi), Dry Red Chilli   1 cup Kaddu (Parangikai/ Pumpkin) , skin peeled and chopped 1 Raw Banana , skin peeled and chopped 1/2 Green peas (Matar) 1/4 cup Yellow Moong Dal (Split) Salt , to taste 1 cup Tamarind Water To Grind 1 cup Fresh coconut 1 teaspoon Turmeric powder (Haldi) 3 Dry Red Chilli     10   35     To begin making the Goan Style Khatkhatem Recipe pressure cook the dal along with all the vegetables (except green peas) with water in a pressure cooker for 1 whistle. Allow the pressure to release naturally by itself.Meanwhile, grind the coconut along with turmeric powder dry red chilli into a smooth paste and keep it aside.Keep the pressure cooker back on the heat and add the ground coconut paste with 1/2 cup water. Check for salt, add the green peas and tamarind water.Leave it on the simmer for 5 minutes until the gravy thickens. Check for salt again and serve.Serve the Goan Style Khatkhatem Recipe along with Pav or tawa parathas to enjoy your everyday lunch in a healthy way.