German Pancakes with Caramelised Apples Recipe

German Pancakes with Caramelised Apples Recipe is a fluffy pancake recipe that you would drool on it on your first try. The pancakes are then topped with some caramelised Apples flavoured with a good punch of cinnamon, nutmeg and dry ginger powder. The pancake batter is quite thin and slowly baked in the oven. The eggs helps in giving the fluffy and light texture to the batter.  All Purpose Flour (Maida), Butter (Salted), Sugar, Milk, Whole Egg, Vanilla Extract, Apples, Cinnamon Powder (Dalchini), Nutmeg powder, Dry ginger powder   1 cup All Purpose Flour (Maida) 1/4 cup Butter (Salted) 1/4 cup Sugar 1 cup Milk 5 Whole Egg 2 teaspoon Vanilla Extract 2 Apples 1 teaspoon Cinnamon Powder (Dalchini) 1/2 teaspoon Nutmeg powder 2 teaspoon Dry ginger powder     10   25     To begin making the German Pancakes with Caramelised Apples Recipe, the first step is to make the pancake batter. In a bowl add flour, milk and 2 tablespoon of sugar and whisk well till there are no lumps.Break in eggs one at a time and keep whisking till the batter combines together. Add in 2 teaspoons of vanilla essence and whisk together. Keep it aside.Preheat the oven to 180 degree Celsius for 10 minutes and we will move ahead to caramelise the Apples.Heat a cast iron pan on medium heat, melt the butter and add sliced apple and allow it to sizzle for few seconds.Add the remaining sugar and sprinkle with all the spice powders like cinnamon, nutmeg and dry ginger powder.Give it a stir and allow it to boil for 3 minutes in the butter. Once the apples get caramelised, turn off the heat.Pour the prepared batter slowly over the apples. Take care not to stir in the batter into the apple mixture. The apple will float up on its own.Keep the cast iron pan directly into oven and bake the German Pancake batter for 25 minutes at 180 degree Celsius.You will see the pancakes rise and slowly come out of the sides of the pan. This is completely normal and ensure you capture a photo of it flowering up. It’s fun to watch.Once you notice the German Pancakes are cooked, remove it from the oven.Rest out the German pancakes under room temperature for few minutes and the flowers that ballooned out will settle in. You can also slighly tuck the pancake back into the pan.Once done, slice the German Pancakes and serve them warm.Serve the German Pancakes with Caramelised Apples Recipe along with a glass of Homemade Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream, drizzled with some caramel sauce.