French Toast Recipe Flavored with Orange

French Toast With An Orange Twist Recipe made from zesty hung yogurt and orange segments as filling in the humble French toast makes your breakfast special. A low fat dessert masquerading as perfect delicious breakfast! Serve French Toast Recipe Flavored with Orange with coffee or mulled apple juice.  Whole Wheat Brown Bread, Whole Eggs, Caster Sugar, Orange Zest (Rind), Fresh orange juice, Orange, Hung Curd (Greek Yogurt), Oil, Honey, Butter (Salted)   4 Whole Wheat Brown Bread 3 Whole Eggs , whites only 3 teaspoons Caster Sugar 1 teaspoon Orange Zest (Rind) , (or more to taste) 1 teaspoon Fresh orange juice 2 tablespoons Orange , segments, finely chopped 1 tablespoon Hung Curd (Greek Yogurt) 2 teaspoons Oil 2 teaspoons Honey , (optional) 1 teaspoon Butter (Salted) , (low fat)     15   20     To begin making the French Toast Recipe Flavored with Orange, trim the crust from the bread slices. Slice diagonally into 2 parts. Keep aside.Take the egg whites in a shallow bowl; add 2 teaspoons sugar, orange rind and orange juice. Whisk lightly, mix well.Mix the orange segments and 1 teaspoon sugar into the hung curd. Apply half teaspoon hung curd on one diagonal slice of bread and sandwich with another diagonal slice of bread.Repeat with the rest of the bread. Soak these sandwiched slices in the egg white mixture for a few seconds. Take care not to soak too much as the bread will become soggy and tear.Heat a non stick skillet and grease lightly with oil. Shallow fry the French toast on medium heat till golden brown. Brush very lightly with butter. Drizzle honey on top.Serve French Toast Flavored with Orange for a classic weekend breakfast along with a cup of hot coffee or mulled apple juice.