Dhaba Style Green Moong Dal Tadka Recipe

The Green Moong Dal Tadka Recipe is delicious and easy to make, and is very nutritious too.   Green Moong Dal (Whole), Ginger, Tomato, Green Chilli, Turmeric powder (Haldi), Salt, Garam masala powder, Coriander (Dhania) Leaves, Lemon juice, Ghee, Cumin seeds (Jeera), Dry Red Chillies   1 cup Green Moong Dal (Whole) 1 inch Ginger , chopped 1 Tomato , chopped 1 Green Chilli , slit 1 teaspoon Turmeric powder (Haldi) Salt , to taste 1 teaspoon Garam masala powder 4 sprig Coriander (Dhania) Leaves , chopped 2 teaspoon Lemon juice , freshly squeezed Inrgedients for seasoning 1 tablespoon Ghee 1 teaspoon Cumin seeds (Jeera) 2 Dry Red Chillies     10   40     To begin, the Dhaba Style Green Moong Dal Tadka Recipe, soak the green moong dal in 3 cups of water for at least for an hour.Into the pressure cooker, add in the ghee. Once the ghee is hot; add the ginger, tomatoes and green chillies and saute for a few seconds.After a few seconds, add the soaked green moong dal, salt, turmeric powder, garam masala and water. Cover the pressure cooker with its weight on.Cook the dal in the pressure cooker, until you here 3 to 4 whistles. Simmer the heat to low and continue to cook for another 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, turn off the heat and allow the pressure to release naturally.Open the pressure cooker and stir in the chopped coriander leaves and the juice from one lemon.