Cold Coffee Recipe

During summer, we always crave for something cold. And as we love coffee, how about having a glass full of chilled coffee on a hot day. Cold coffee is very easy to make and requires few day to day ingredients. You can also make it more flavourful by adding a scoop of ice cream in it. It tastes great and you can enjoy it any time of the day.   Instant Coffee Powder, Milk, Sugar, Ice cream, Ice cubes   2 tablespoon Instant Coffee Powder 2 cups Milk 2 tablespoons Sugar , powdered, adjustable 1/2 cup Ice cream , vanilla or chocolate (optional) Ice cubes , as required     5   10     To begin making the Cold Coffee recipe, firstly keep all the mentioned ingredients ready.Next take a blender and add milk, required sugar and coffee powder. Blend it for about 30 seconds.Open the jar and add ice cubes. If you want a thick consistency, add less ice cubes. Close the jar and blend it again for about 30 to 40 seconds till everything is mixed properly.You can also add 1 tablespoon ice cream in the coffee to add an extra flavour to the coffee.Once it is done, pour it in the glass and sprinkle some coffee powder on the top.Serve Cold Coffee along with Scrambled Egg Sandwich With Cucumber or with any other Sandwich of your choice for a weekday breakfast or enjoy it with your family after a tiring day at work.