Baked Vegetables In Casserole Recipe

Baked vegetables in casserole is a delicious combination of seasonal vegetables, whole wheat sauce with Italian herbs, topped with cheese. This dish is delicious as well as appetizing. Slightly charred cheese on top is making me drool all over it. The whole vegetable casserole preparation is in 1 tablespoon butter. Cheese is also used in limited quantity. You can also drop using cheese altogether but a little cheese in the vegetable casserole will still taste yummy and nice.  Button mushrooms, Baby corn, Cauliflower (gobi), Carrot (Gajjar), Green beans (French Beans), Red Bell pepper (Capsicum), Yellow Bell Pepper (Capsicum), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Whole Wheat Flour, Butter (Salted), Milk, Lukewarm Water, Cheese, Salt and Pepper, Dried oregano   1 cup Button mushrooms , sliced 1/2 cup Baby corn , sliced 1/2 cup Cauliflower (gobi) , cut into small florets 1 Carrot (Gajjar) , sliced into roundles 1/2 cup Green beans (French Beans) , cut into 1/2 an inch 1 Red Bell pepper (Capsicum) , diced small 1 Yellow Bell Pepper (Capsicum) , diced small 2 teaspoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil For the Sauce 1 tablespoon Whole Wheat Flour 1 tablespoon Butter (Salted) 250 ml Milk 150 ml Lukewarm Water 2 tablespoon Cheese , + 2 tablespoon to sprinkle on top (optional) Salt and Pepper , to taste 1 tablespoon Dried oregano     20   30     To prepare Baked vegetables in casserole, add oil and sauté the carrot and green beans for 2 minutes, then add in the cauliflower, baby corn and bell peppers to the casserole and saute them again for 2 more minutes. You can sprinkle some salt. Add in the mushroom and bell peppers and saute for 1 more minute and keep it aside. Let the crunch the vegetables be and if it is half cooked it is fine. Keep them aside. In a bowl, mix flour, milk & water together. Mix well with a balloon whisk.Heat butter in a Pan. Pour the flour mix and start whisking. The mixture will thicken in a few minutes.Switch off the heat, add cheese, salt and pepper as per your taste into this batter. Remember there is salt in the veggies and cheese is also salted so add salt accordingly. Taste further and then adjust.You can also add your dried seasonings like oregano, thyme and dried red chilli flakes. The sauce should be of pouring consistency, since it tends to thicken further as it bakes. If your sauce has thickened too much add milk or some water to adjust.Mix the sauteed veggies into the creamy cheesy batter. Now transfer this mixture to an Oven proof casserole. Sprinkle the cheese on top and bake in the Oven for 30 minutes at 220 degrees Celsius.Serve Baked Vegetables in casserole with Roasted Tomato and Pumpkin Soup or French Onion Soup along with Garlic Bread for a wholesome dinner or lunch.