Assorted Cheese Platter Served With Fruits & Crackers

Assorted cheese platter features various cheeses on a platter. this is just an arrangement of various cheeses in an eye appealing way to jazz up those special get togethers you plan at home. When you have a house party or a special weekend dinner with the closest of your kith and kin, you must have this Assorted Cheese Platter Served With Fruits & Crackers as a part of your elaborate menu for the evening. The guests will enjoy chatting over nibbles of cheese, wine, mocktails or cocktails and then you can go ahead with party appetizers and main course.  Blue cheese, Brie cheese, Cheese Cubes, Ricotta Cheese, Blue cheese, Parmesan cheese, Cheddar cheese, Prune Spread, Apricots, Black grapes, Crackers   50 grams Blue cheese , cubed 50 grams Brie cheese , sliced 50 grams Cheese Cubes 50 grams Ricotta Cheese , sliced 50 grams Blue cheese , sliced 50 grams Parmesan cheese , sliced 50 grams Cheddar cheese , sliced Prune Spread , or prune chutney to serve (optional) Apricots , to serve Black grapes , to serve Crackers , to serve     15   0     To make Assorted Cheese Platter Served with Prune Chutney Recipe, prep all the cheese varieties by cubing and slicing them.You can include various cheeses to make the platter bigger and full of variety, or just stick to your most loved cheeses.On a wooden platter, arrange all the prepped cheese cubes and slices, arrange a few fresh fruits like grapes, dried fruits like apricots, a few almonds, walnuts and serve with Spiced Prune Chutney Recipe or preserves in small bowls, and crackers.You can serve wine alongside the Assorted Cheese Platter Served With Fruits & Crackers as well, which goes well together.