Andhra Style Saggubiyyam Punugulu Recipe (Crispy Tapioca Snack)

Andhra Style Saggubiyyam Punugulu Recipe (Crispy Tapioca Snack) is soft and gooey inside and is crispy on the outside. In Telugu, Saggubiyyam means the tapioca pearls and “Punugulu” is a very common word used in Vijayawada for a street snack that is deep fried in the shape of a ball. These are often served with coconut chutney and toor dal chutney.  Sabudana (Tapioca Pearls), Hung Curd (Greek Yogurt), Rice flour, Cumin seeds (Jeera), Red Chilli powder, Curry leaves, Green Chillies, Onion, Salt   1 cup Sabudana (Tapioca Pearls) , soaked for 2 hours 2 tablespoon Hung Curd (Greek Yogurt) 1 cup Rice flour 1 teaspoon Cumin seeds (Jeera) 1 tablespoon Red Chilli powder 1 sprig Curry leaves , chopped 2 Green Chillies , chopped 1 Onion , sliced Salt , to taste     150   25     To begin making the Saggubiyyam Punugulu, soak the tapioca pearls in water for 2 hours and boil them on a sauce pan with some more water added for about 10 minutes.Take a bowl, add all the ingredients including the boiled tapioca and mix well. Check for salt as well. Add water to make a thick batter.Heat a kuzhi paniyaram pan for pan frying the punugulu.  Add a teaspoon of oil in each of the cavities. Spoon the batter into each of the cavities and fry them until brown and crisp.You can add a little more oil on the punugulu if you like it crispy. Once one batch of the punugulu are done, remove from the pan and drain in the paper towel.Proceed the same way with the remaining punugulu batter.Serve the Andhra Style Saggubiyyam Punugulu along with spicy coconut chutney or toor dal chutney to enjoy evening chai with a delicious snack.