Tawa Tandoori Roti Recipe

Tawa Tandoori Roti Recipe is a very essential accompaniment to most of the Indian dishes. Tandoori Roti is a type of Indian bread that is made from whole wheat flour. It is traditionally cooked inside a tandoori clay oven and thus the name. The clay oven helps to give a charred flat surface over one side and a toasted black spots on the other. But in this recipe we have used just a plain cast iron tawa to create the similar texture to the bread.  Whole Wheat Flour, Curd (Dahi / Yogurt), Salt, Oil   2 cups Whole Wheat Flour 1/4 cup Curd (Dahi / Yogurt) Salt , to taste Oil , for kneading as well     30   30     To begin making the Tawa Tandoori Roti Recipe, we will add all the ingredients into one bowl and add water slowly according to your requirement to knead it into a soft and non-sticky dough.Add little bit of oil at the end and knead it for some more time till the dough becomes completely soft.Rest the dough by covering it with a damp cloth for atleast 10 minutes.Once rested, heat a cast iron tawa pan. Pinch out a medium sized ball from the dough and flatten it on a floured rolling surface.Roll the dough flat and round, the thickness must be same as the tawa paratha. Take some water in a bowl and brush it over one side of the rolled dough.Place the watered surface dough on to the tawa and leave it for few seconds until you see some bubbles rising.Leave it on low heat for 2 minutes and with the help of a spatuala, try to carefully take out the roti, it will be little hard as it will get stuck to the pan but be careful enough to remove the roti and do not tear it apart.Flip it over and then cook on the other side as well. You can also lift the pan completely and flip it over before you remove the roti from the tawa and show it directly over the flame.Cook on the other side also for 2 minutes and you can serve hot.Serve the Tawa Tandoori Roti along with Bihari Karela and Aloo Ki Subzi , Punjabi Dal Tadka and raita to create a meal for your Sunday lunch or everyday lunch.