Succotash Recipe

Succotash is a quick, easy and a satisfying side dish that makes the best of fresh summer produce. Succotash is a dish consisting primarily of sweet corn or lima beans or other shell beans. Other ingredients may be added including tomatoes and green or sweet red peppers and many other seasonings like balsamic vinaigrette or even roasted tomatoes. Combining a grain with a legume provides a dish that is high in all essential amino acids. The Succotash is sometimes cooked in a casserole form, often with a light pie crust on top as in a traditional pot pie.  Butter (Unsalted), Onion, Spring Onion Greens, Garlic, Red Bell pepper (Capsicum), Corn Kernels, Rajma (Large Kidney Beans), Lima Beans, Salt and Pepper   1 tablespoon Butter (Unsalted) 1 Onion , finely chopped 2 Spring Onion Greens , finely chopped 2 cloves Garlic , finely chopped 1 Red Bell pepper (Capsicum) , finely chopped 1/2 cup Corn Kernels , steamed 1/2 cup Rajma (Large Kidney Beans) , cooked 1/2 cup Lima Beans , cooked Salt and Pepper , to taste     15   30     To start making Succotash, in a medium sauté pan, melt the butter over medium heat. Add the minced garlic, sauté for a few seconds. Next add onions, along with white part of spring onions and cook for 2 minutes or until they are translucent.Next, add the red bell pepper and sauté until the peppers are well roasted. Once the peppers are roasted, add the corn kernels, red kidney beans, lima beans, salt and pepper and stir fry until all the ingredients are well combined and the beans have absorbed the flavors.You can additionally add herbs like basil, coriander or parsley to enhance the flavor of the Succotash Recipe.Serve Succotash as a salad or a side dish for dinner along with a side of Garlic Bread with Herb Butter.