Plain Dalia Recipe- How To Cook Broken Wheat In Pressure Cooker

Plain Dalia/ broken wheat is a high fiber, full of nutrition tasty carbohydrate. It can be easily made in a pressure cooker. Broken wheat is great to be included in your diet. There are lots of recipes that you can make with broken wheat. They can all easily be cooked in a pressure cooker but if you like you can cook the broken wheat in a saucepan as well. When cooking in a saucepan ensure that you put enough water. Remove any excess water in the pan after the broken wheat/ dalia is cooked.  Broken Wheat (Dalia/ Godumai Rava), Water   1 cup Broken Wheat (Dalia/ Godumai Rava) 2 cups Water     5   20     To begin making Plain Dalia Recipe in a Pressure cooker first wash the broken wheat a couple of times and soak the dalia/broken wheat for half an hour. Add the broken wheat/ dalia into a pressure cooker and close the lid.Keep the pressure cooker on heat and pressure cook for one whistles. Reduce the heat after one whistle to medium and cook for another two whistles. Turn off the heat.Let the pressure release naturally and then open the lid of the pressure cooker. Take a fork or spoon and fluff up the dalia/ broken wheat and remove into a serving bowl. Serve Dalia/ Broken Wheat along with Palak Tovve or Palak Dal, Masalewali Turai Sabzi and Tomato Onion Cucumber Raita for a wholesome lunch.