Indo-Chinese Paneer Manchurian Recipe

Indo-Chinese Paneer Manchurian Recipe is a delicious and popular Indo-Chinese recipe, from the menus of many restaurants and street carts that dot India. It’s an easy recipe where cubes of Paneer are batter fried and then tossed in a spicy, sweet and sour sauce. The paneer cubes can be fried and made ahead. When you are ready to eat, make the sauce and toss the paneer pieces in it. This is a must-try dish if your family loves Indo-Chinese.  Paneer (Homemade Cottage Cheese), All Purpose Flour (Maida), Corn flour, Ginger, Garlic, Soy sauce, Water, Salt, Black pepper powder, Oil, Spring Onion (Bulb & Greens), Garlic, Ginger, Green Chillies, Soy sauce, Sriracha sauce, Rice Vinegar, Homemade tomato puree, Corn flour   300 grams Paneer (Homemade Cottage Cheese) , cut into cubes For the batter 3 tablespoons All Purpose Flour (Maida) 1 tablespoon Corn flour 1 inch Ginger , grated 4 cloves Garlic , grated 1 tablespoon Soy sauce 1/4 cup Water Salt , to taste Black pepper powder , for seasoning Oil , for frying For the sauce 1/2 cup Spring Onion (Bulb & Greens) , (white top part), chopped 1 teaspoon Garlic , finely chopped 1 teaspoon Ginger , finely chopped  2 Green Chillies , slit lengthwise 3 tablespoons Soy sauce 1 tablespoon Sriracha sauce 1 tablespoon Rice Vinegar 2 tablespoons Homemade tomato puree 1 tablespoon Corn flour     10   30     To begin making the Indo-Chinese Paneer Manchurian recipe, first batter-fry the paneer cubes. To do this, first mix together all ingredients mentioned under “For the batter”, and make a thick batter.Place a wok on the heat oil to fry the paneer.Once the oil is hot, dip each paneer cube into the batter, and drop it gently into the oil ,fry till light golden brown in colour. Repeat with all the paneer cubes and drain them on absorbent paper so that extra oil is soaked up.Then, proceed to make the sauce. Place a large pan/pot on the heat. Warm up a tablespoon of oil. To it, add the spring onions, garlic, ginger and the green chilies and saute together for two to three minutes.Add the fried cubes of paneer, reduce the heat to medium and cover for a minute.Meanwhile, in a bowl whisk together soy sauce, sriracha, vinegar, ketchup, cornflour and water.Pour sauce into the pan, and stir till  Paneer Manchurian comes together. Reduce the heat and stir for another minute or two and you will see the sauce thickening up.At this stage, add salt and pepper to taste, bearing in mind that the soya sauce is salty.Turn off the heat, sprinkle Indo-Chinese Paneer Manchurian with chopped spring onion greens and serve.Serve Indo-Chinese Paneer Manchurian recipe along with Thai Style Noodles With Spinach And Leeks or Chinese Egg Fried Rice for a weekend dinner.